A New Nursing Cover

  So, I know, I usually do more crafty or useful tip type things on Tuesdays…but the way my nesting has been manifesting, I’ve been doing nothing but sewing.  Ok, that’s not true…but the crafty stuff I’ve been doing is either secret (shhhh) or is taking forever (like the blanket I’m working on for G’s big boy bed).

  I don’t want you guys to be reading pregnancy sewing posts when I’m 3 months postpartum, so I’ve gotta start sticking some of my sewing in on other days!
  Back last spring, when my neighbor had just had a baby, I walked you guys through how to make your own nursing cover.  I had mentioned then that the one I had used with G was a smidge toasty, so I knew that before 2.0 showed up, I needed to get around to making another one.
  Having dealt with the heat-trap that is polyester I decided to go just about as lightweight as possible with seersucker.  It’s lightweight, has the classic stripe instead of some loud, notice-me pattern and, bonus, with all the natural crinkle in the fabric, it’s tough to wrinkle!
  I used the exact same process.  I’ve been sorta spacey lately and so I figured, why re-invent the wheel?  The only difference is that for mine I started with a longer piece of fabric than the 3/4 yard I suggested in the tutorial.  I have an extra 3-4″ in my torso, so I sit a little taller than most people…that means I need a longer cover to keep covered.  …oh, if only those 3-4 inches were in my legs instead!  Ah well.
  Our list of things to get done before the baby shows up keeps getting shorter by the day and I’m starting to get antsy.  6 weeks til he’s due and I can’t wait.  G’s little brother best not decide to make a late entrance, or I’m liable to go bonkers!

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