More Utilitarian Wrap-McCall’s M6408 (Version 2)

  I love the wrap I made for the holidays.  It’s flattering, it’s comfortable, I can tie it a bunch of ways, and it’s a good fit with the rest of my wardrobe (not always the case when I make something, since as everybody knows, when you try something on, it can look utterly different on you than it does on a mannequin/model).

  Thing is, not every day calls for sparkles… and some days are too cold for 3/4 sleeves.  …and even if neither of these things were the case (I don’t actually believe there’s a day that doesn’t call for sparkle), I’d occasionally need to wash it, so really, I had to have another one.

Woo, check me out, I CAN smile.
It only took 50 shots to get one I didn’t look completely insane…

  I used the same pattern (McCall’s M6408), same size (XS) and all, just went with the full length sleeve option this time.  I think I might like this version even better!  
  I have the sneaking suspicion that this is going to become one of those patterns that I make five thousand of in different colors.  You’ve been warned.
  Right now I’m mostly tying this in the back.  At 34 weeks now, 2.0 has gotten so ridiculously active (and so big) that my stomach never seems to stop moving and I’m rather sore.  Ratcheting down a waist tie on a tender belly just seems needless at this point.  …actually the ties are just hanging loose in this picture.  I’d untied them when I sat down on the couch for lunch so I didn’t have a knot in the middle of my back and completely forgot to re-tie them when I started taking pictures.  Whoops.
  I have to reiterate just how fast and easy this pattern is.  Part of the reason that I’m probably going to wind up with 3 billion of them is that, even being the size of a tank and moving super slowly, I can get one of these cut out and sewn in the space of G’s nap + the time it takes for my Mr. to put him to bed at night.  I love projects I can finish in a day, it’s almost as good for instant-gratification as buying something at the store, but way more satisfying in the long run.
  Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions if you try out this pattern.  I’ve done it twice now and am seriously considering another version in the next few days.

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