A Blanket for G

  It’s finally done!  The blanket for G’s big boy bed that I’ve been working on since around Christmas finally came off the hook and went on his bed:
  He loooooves it.  Even dragged his daddy upstairs with iPad while he was FaceTiming with his grandparents to show it off.
  Have to say that I’m rather happy with how it turned out myself, but it’s always nice when the person it’s intended for is just as excited with the end product!
  I used this method for the blanket after letting G pick the color for the yarn.  I’m not quite brave enough that I let him pick ANY color, but I gave him 3 or 4 choices and the dark blue was what he picked.  Perfect, since that was what I really wanted in there anyhow.
  This blanket took 9 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun in Colonial.  You can see that I got a couple different dye lots…I did this on purpose, looking to have a varied selection of blues (like in the ocean!).  I do wish that I’d lopped up the skeins a bit more so that the stripe sizes would have been a little more varied, but, ah well.  The blanket will be under a comforter 90% of the time anyhow, so there’s only so worked up I can get about it.  The really light stripe at the head of the bed is a quarter or so of a skein I had left over from making the blanket for our bed in the master bedroom.  I believe it’s “Windsor”.
  One more project done in his room…only 30-so more to go…

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