Shibori Dyed Onesies (Hiding Stains on Hand-me-downs)

  We’re getting close!  2.0 is less than a month from his due date, so all of G’s old clothes that I’d so meticulously labeled and stored got pulled out, sorted and washed.  
  A surprising number of them looked rather pristine coming out of the box (I’d remembered a lot more stains), but a few needed some attention before they were going to be presentable again.
  Luckily, one of the first things I’d pinned after joining Pinterest was this technique for shibori dyeing.  Basically it’s tie dye that you’re “tying” around something, but because of the cleaner shapes and simplified pallet, it’s a little higher end looking than the typical “I made this shirt in science class” tie dye look.
  Here’s what you need:
Something to dye
Something to wrap your fabric around (I used vase filler marbles)
Assorted sizes of rubber bands
Dyeing method (I used a box of navy RIT dye on my stovetop)
  Use your rubber bands to secure your marbles inside your fabric.  For these onesies, I put the marble behind both layers of fabric (so it was rather thick and bulky) and it resulted in the circles you see below.  I also used this process on an old button-down shirt of my husband’s that I plan on altering for myself and only put one layer of fabric around the relief.  That resulted in more of a diamond shape, as did using true marbles as opposed to the ones with the flat side. Obviously thicker rubber bands make bigger un-dyed portions.  I like a bit of variety in the shapes, so try experimenting with what you use to tie inside your fabric!
  Once your rubber bands are secured, follow your dye’s instructions to color your fabric.  For mine I stirred these in a giant vat of dye on my stove for 10 minutes before rinsing everything in the sink and then washing it.  I wish that the un-dyed portions had stayed as bright white as they were when they first came out, but unfortunately some of the color bled when they went through the wash.  Next time I’ll try finding a dye magnet to toss in and see if it helps.
  I kind of love how this turned out.  The circles remind me of an octopus’s suckers, or solar eclipses…or wineglass stains on a table cloth.  Not that I’ve had any experience with the latter for many, many months now…
  The RIT dye was a little disappointing to me.  I dyed 3 different types of 100% cotton fabric and none of them turned what I would call “navy”.  They ended up a much greyer blue, which, while still pretty, wasn’t what I was expecting.  I suppose this is probably a closer color to what true “indigo” would do though so, eh.  It definitely covered up all the stains, and I think these will be a really cute addition to 2.0′s wardrobe!

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