Pleated Tunic Take 2- McCall’s M6241

  I tried this pattern for the first time back in December.  I wasn’t really paying attention to how big the pieces were (since they were all going to be pleated anyhow) and so made a size 12 (based my bust measurements) and then wound up having to bring it in a crazy amount to fit even my big ol’ swollen pregnant body.

  Because it’s nice and loose…and because it’s black, I’ve gotten quite a bit of wear out of the first version that I made.  I did want to try making one that was actually in the right size though.  I went back and took a measuring tape to the pattern and decided a size 8 was going to be much more in line with the type of clothing I actually wear (when I’m not pregnant).
  …the fit is way better (you don’t get to see it on me, because trying to jam it over my huge belly at this point is just atrocious), but the fabric…sheesh.  This was something I had in my stash, so I’m not certain what the fiber content is, but it wrinkles like silk!  Plus, it’s incredibly sheer, so I have to be really careful about what I wear under it.
  I think that once my figure is back to something resembling “normal” this will be a cute, lightweight spring or early summer top…but I think I’m either going to be doing a lot of steaming before I wear it, or need to resign myself to the fact that it’s just going to look like it’s been slept in. 
  With less than a month til 2.0‘s due date, I’m done making stuff to wear while I’m pregnant and am on to making stuff that will (hopefully) be flattering in the post-baby, pre-sit-ups phase.
  Get used to pictures on the form for a little bit.

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