Baby 2.0 Update, He Saved ALL the Drama for His Mama

  Just a quick note for those who have been following along with my gestational diabetes saga.  We went to the ultrasound for 2.0 yesterday and he’s right on track to be within a pound of what his big brother G was born at.  No concerns at all about him being a massively overgrown monster.
  …not that I’m terribly surprised.
  At this point I’m entirely back to eating how I did normally before everything started and am getting blood sugar numbers that, according to what the dietitian had told us, would be considered hypoglycemic after especially low carb meals.  From the research I’ve done, that pretty much closes the book on this.  It’s a misdiagnosis due to the skewing of the gtt caused by eating low carb.
  On the plus side, how cool are those shots?
  We didn’t ever do a high res ultrasound after the 20 week one with G so I didn’t get to see his face til he was born.  It was really awesome getting to see the little baby that’s been keeping me awake lately with all those knee jabs and G is really excited to meet his brother.
  I’m right around 37 weeks.  Not much longer til we meet this little guy!

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