Modifying a Too-Deep Bucket Hat

  Back in October, I showed you guys the bucket hats I’d made based off of ones in the Alabama Studio Sewing + Design book.  G wears his “dinosaur hat” constantly and is always getting compliments on it, but I hadn’t been getting any wear at all out of mine.  As I commented in the original post, the pattern was far too big for me and I had to take it in a huge amount.  Even after those alterations it was still too long, but I just couldn’t bring myself to lop off any more of the embroidery I’d worked so hard on.
  I tried to convince myself to wear it, but every time I put it on I just felt sloppy and spent the entire time I wore it pushing it up out of my eyes.  Not exactly the sort of trait that leads to a new favorite hat.  So, finally I decided it was time to alter it.
  I still wasn’t ready to cut any of my work off, so instead I opted to ruche the front portion using elastic.
  I folded the brim up to determine how much I was going to need to take it up (nearly an inch) and marked where my eyes were (with the hat’s seam in the back of my head) with pins.  I cut elastic to the new length I wanted (about 5″ deep) and stretched and pinned it at the top and bottom of the brim fabric.  Keeping the elastic stretched I pinned it in place from the bottom edge up to the seam joining the brim to the crown and then hand stitched it in place.
  The finished stitching (on the inside of the hat) now looks like this: 
  I’m much happier with the hat now.  It fits more snugly to my head, stays out of my eyes, and I think the ruching adds a bit of an elegant detail.  I like that this leaves the hat long enough to keep my ears entirely covered but not getting in the way of my seeing anymore.
  Only time will tell how much I wear this now, but I have the feeling it will be seeing a lot more love.
  This process would work on any bucket hat that is a bit too deep and gets in your eyes, so long as the fabric is not too thick for the elastic to gather it.  A stiff, heavy canvas or denim might be an issue, but anything lighter weight should work!  If you have any questions about how/what I did, as always, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email.

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