Ariadne Top (Link to Free Pattern)

  As I mentioned last week, I’ve stopped making maternity clothing and switched over to what I hope will be flattering post-baby clothing.  Dear post-baby body to-be, please cooperate, just a little.
  Anyhow, I had found this pattern on Pinterest almost a year ago and it had gotten lost in my “sewing inspiration” board.  Luckily, I noticed that the board had gotten completely out of control and did some reorganizing and found it.  Have to love free patterns!
  I’m hoping that the less than body-con fit will be a bit more forgiving than my usual wardrobe when, you know, my abdomen no longer is full of person and all the guts that have been squished up to my armpits collapse down into the now-empty space.  (Ah, aren’t the changes to a woman’s body with childbirth poetic?)
  Plus, there’s a pretty back cut out!
  The tutorial also links to this absolutely brilliant explanation of how to get a nice, clean knit binding edge.  Figuring out the right amount to take in the binding with knit fabrics has been a struggle for me, so having numbers like “10-30%” is awesome.
  I’m not entirely in love with the flutter sleeves.  They’re a little girly for my taste, but I thought I’d at least give them a chance on the first go at this pattern.  Besides, this periwinkle blue/purple is a little on the girlier side of colors that I’d wear, so I guess it all works together.
  If I’d have made this sooner in my pregnancy I probably would have gotten a lot of wear out of it early on…as it is, I’m just too huge and the hip band gets pulled up onto my belly.  Not comfy.  It is going into my hospital bag to be worn home though!
  As for the out of control Pinterest boards, the sewing pins have now been divided into much more manageable chunks:
Sewing Inspiration: The original is still around.  It’s kind of my catch-all for commercial pieces that I want to figure out a pattern for on my own or other things that don’t quite fit in the other categories.  Non-free patterns are in here.  This is kind of my “style” board.
Sewing Tutorials:  Pins that have a how-to for making the sewing project, but don’t have a physical, printable pattern.  This includes ones that have exact measurements…if I have to do more work than hitting “print” it goes here.
Sewing (Free Patterns): My laziest, cheapest Pinterest sewing board.  These are the projects that have free, printable patterns so I don’t have to do any thinking if I don’t want to.
Sewing Techniques: Pins that detail useful how-to’s on things like putting in zippers properly and like the binding technique I linked to in this post.  Sewing knowledge details as opposed to full projects.
Sewing Refashions: Projects that start with a pre-made piece of clothing and turn it into something else.
Sewing (Completed Projects): The done stuff!  Probably nothing you haven’t already seen, since most of it is going to be links back here, but I like having it all in one place!
  Hopefully that will make it a little easier to find useful things for you guys…I’d love it if you’d follow the new boards!

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