How to Sleep on Your Stomach 9 Months Pregnant (Flip that Sunny Side Up Baby)

  Last week I showed you these pictures:

  I love that we got to see 2.0‘s face…but unfortunately, that we were able to see it means that he’s sunny side up…or what’s called posterior.  Basically he’s facing out towards my belly button instead of being turned towards my spine as is ideal for birth.
  It’s certainly not the end of the world.  He’s head down, so he won’t be coming breech, but my understanding is that back labor (which is caused by the baby being turned like this) really sucks, so I’m doing everything I can to encourage him to turn the right way.
  The main thing that I’ve found that you can do to help turn a sunny side up baby is to use gravity against them.  Their heads are the heaviest part, but their butts/back are the second heaviest…so the more you can keep the front of your belly pointed towards the ground, the more likely they are to flip around and face your spine.
  The cat and cow yoga move and other pelvic tilt exercises are supposed to help encourage baby to turn, but I’m also trying to make sure that I’m not giving him any excuse to stay sunny side while I sleep.
  Pretty much any pregnant lady call tell you that sleeping on your left side is the preferred way to go, but for whatever reason, I haven’t been able to keep myself there this pregnancy.  Essentially every morning I’ve started on my side I’ve woken up flat on my back.  No surprise then he’s turned how he is.  So I decided it was time to figure out a way to sleep on my stomach and hope that at worst I’d wake up on my side!
  Only problem?  Oh yeah, that whole foot or so of baby belly protruding from my front.
  I did lots of experimenting, trying to basically build bridges with pillows to support my hips and chest while leaving a space for my stomach, but nothing was working.  My Mr. kept joking about my building my “preggo nests”, until it occurred to me that, duh, that was exactly what I needed to do.
  I grabbed a nice, dense full-sized blanket (this one I crocheted actually) and rolled it into a tube before curling it into a circular nest shape below my usual pillow.  I stuck a second pillow below it for my knees and lay down with my belly in the hole of the nest.
  I’m not going to try and claim that it’s a perfect solution.  This far into a pregnancy there really isn’t such a thing as a good night’s rest, but this set up has allowed me to sleep far more comfortably than I have in a few weeks while not winding up sprawled on my back by morning.  It usually takes a few minutes of (what I’m sure is) hilarious grunting and adjusting the pillows, belly and blankets, but once everything is in place I can, at least for a few hours, sleep without feeling the effects of being so huge.
  Baby hasn’t flipped yet.  I’m still getting lots of sharp little knees out my front.  But, at least I know I’m doing everything I can to encourage him the right way around!

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