Felt Bunny Finger Puppet

  For whatever reason, this time around, my nesting has manifested almost completely in a desire to sew.  This is a good thing in that it’s not my going out and buying a bunch of junk we don’t need, but it’s maybe not such a good thing in that I’m tackling all sorts of silly projects that don’t necessarily need to be done with a fervor that is making the Mr. nervous.
  This probably counts as one of those things we don’t really need, but look, how cute!
  I made this to throw into G’s bag for when 2.0 is born.  The plan is for him to go to my folks place while I’m at the hospital, but we barely made it to the hospital in time for his birth, and my understanding is that second births are usually faster.  I thought it was a worthwhile idea to have something new for him to play with in the event we’re in too much of a hurry to wait for my ‘rents to pick him up here and he’s stuck at the hospital with us for a bit.
  The whole tutorial is at the link above, but basically you just need to print out the bunny template, cut 4 copies out of felt, stitch it together and add the face details.  Making the pom pom for the tail (which entirely disappears against the white background above) is the most complicated part.
  The purlbee tutorial is all about the white bunnies.  I have to admit that they look really cute with the variety of bright colors, but back when I was working on these felt animals for G’s felt board I had tried (and failed) to convince him he wanted a lighter colored bunny (so it’d stand out against the dark board).  No dice.  It was a dark brown bunny or no bunny at all.  So, I figured he’d appreciate the darker version this time as well.
  Not really necessary, sure, but fun, so we’ll let it slide this time Nesting.  This time.

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