Modified Ariadne Top

  Oh Erin…you’re adorable.  A white shirt?
  As well as last week’s Ariadne top turned out I couldn’t help but making a modified version of it with this cute heart patterned knit.  Because it was a stretchier knit and I added a little extra length it even surprised me and fit over the baby bump.  I’ve managed to wear it once without it siren-calling tomato sauce down the front, but I have no delusions about the fact that a white shirt in a house with a 3 year old boy and an infant on the way is just asking for it.
  Judging from the look on G’s face, he’s contemplating the best way to get an entire glass of grape juice on me.  Apologies for the hat hair…we’d just come inside.
  Other than adding 2″ of length to the shirt, I also modified the back, sleeves and neckline binding.  I took the keyhole out of this one because I thought it’d be too much going on.  The original had flutter sleeves, which, as I mentioned, aren’t really my style.  I subbed in 3/4 length sleeves from a pattern I’d traced off my favorite shirt and rather than making a 1″ band for the binding like recommended in this tutorial, I cut a 2″ wide band so I’d have a thicker, 3/4″ binding.  I then added on extra length to the strip to allow me to tie the neck up into a bow that drapes down the front.
  Cuz, you know…flutter sleeves=too girly, but GIANT GIRLY BOW ROUND MY NECK=cool.

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