T-minus ?

  Just a quick update on the ticking time bomb that is my uterus.  As I mentioned last Saturday, 2.0 had been flipped “sunny side up” during the ultrasound we’d done the week before and I had been trying to get him to move around the right way.

  I had my weekly checkup with my doctor this past Tuesday and as she was checking to see how I was progressing towards labor, she noticed his head wasn’t where it was supposed to be.  We did a quick ultrasound there in the office and it was determined that while no longer sunny side up, he was now transverse (sideways).  …gee, that’s why it felt like somebody was bracing themselves Mission Impossible style across the inside of my rib cage…
  So “sunny side up” is bad, and breach is worse…but transverse is literally impossible to deliver naturally.  My GOD this child owes me some spectacular Mother’s Day gifts already.
  The doctor scheduled me for what is called a version procedure for Thursday.  Basically a version procedure is where they try to externally push the (obviously internal) baby into the right position.  Doesn’t exactly sound like the sort of thing you’re gonna walk out of feeling like you’ve gotten a massage.  And I was really looking forward to it since I’d managed to catch a cold over last weekend and was already feeling like I’d been run over by a truck, complete with sore ribs from coughing.
  Luckily, Thursday morning my guts were feeling far less abused.  I had the sneaking suspicion he’d turned again.  Yet another ultrasound confirmed it.  For ONCE this kiddo cooperated and (at least as of Thursday) is now head down, right way round.
  My cold is essentially gone, the kid is in the right position and as of tomorrow I will be 39 weeks.  One week til my due date…5 days til G’s bday (when I delivered LAST time I had this due date).
  Lets do this thing.
As a note: I’ve been trying for the last month to get several posts ahead of myself so that when 2.0 makes his grand appearance you guys aren’t all treated to an immediate, complete spate of dead air.  Obviously the new baby is gonna mean my crafting/sewing/creating time takes a hit for a while, but there should be at least a week or two of posts on deck when he’s born so I won’t be totally AWOL right away!
  Want to be among the first to know when I have him?  There will most likely be pics on my Twitter long before I get home and am able to post about it here!  Follow me there and you’ll see 2.0 nearly as soon as the grandparents and close friends.

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