Two Years, No Shampoo

  It’s that time again…time for me to update you on how my quest to become the dirtiest, stinkiest-headed hippie this side of the Mississippi is going.
  Yup, I’m still ‘poo free, and to paraphrase Taylor Swift, shampoo, we are never, ever, ever getting back together.
  I got fancy this year and, unlike last year, actually blow dried it for you this time.
  So, ready to be horrified?
  I now, two years after giving up shampoo, only “wash” my hair once a week.  Once.
  I usually wash it on Tuesdays while G is at daycare, and I’ll admit, by Sunday it’s typically ready for a ponytail, so I rinse it out with plain water and use my fingers to scrub my scalp….but I’m getting a good, solid 4 days of wearing my hair down and it looking great before that without any work.  Me, who used to have to put my hair up in a ponytail by the end of the day I’d washed it when I started all this.
  Obviously, getting to this point has taken some time.  This time last year I could only go 3 days between washes.  But the longer I’m ‘poo free the happier I am I tried this.  And to answer the question before it’s asked, no, I don’t take all of my pictures on Tuesdays or Wednesdays…my hair in my photos for the other posts is just how my hair is on whatever day of the week it happens to be.  You can get a pretty good idea of how it looks through-out the week by browsing them.
  I’m still using the lessons I talked about last time…the vinegar rinse has to happen occasionally and obviously my shower cap is seeing quite a bit of use (I’m not going a week between showers!) but all in all, I don’t really think about my hair anymore.  I style it if/when I blow dry it after the weekly wash and then leave it alone til Saturday or Sunday.  I rinse it that night and sleep on it wet, usually twisted some to give it some wave.  About half the time that leaves me with gorgeously wavy, full hair.  The other half the time I look like an electrocuted homeless person and resort to a ponytail or a hat til it calms down.  I don’t touch it again til the next Tuesday.
  All that time I’m not messing with my hair means waaaay more time for sewing.  I love it.
  So want to try it now?  Click through to the original post (please ignore the terrible photography) for the shampoo “recipe” and make sure you check out last year’s update for some tips and tricks.  If you still have any questions, leave them here and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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