McCall’s M6200

  Whoa buddy am I not making this pattern again without some serious alterations.

  I bought this pattern because I have a dress I really like that is similar to what is depicted on the envelope:
  Mine looks a lot like the black dress on the right, except with a keyhole slit in the neckline.  But, I’ve learned over the years that when there isn’t an actual photo attached to a pattern, to be very careful about expectations and reality meeting up, because, well, none of us are 6’4″ cartoon characters, now are we?
  I decided that rather than using “good” fabric on a pattern I wasn’t entirely sure about, I’d use some second hand stuff I had, so, part of the problem is of course the material…but….hellooooo sister wives:
  The fact that I tried it on hugely pregnant, of course, did absolutely no favors for my perception of it, but could this dress BE any more frumpy?  I can’t actually tell which side is the front and which is the back because the neckline is so high all around it.
  Swapping out the tie sash for a leather belt and pairing it with some cowboy boots should at least make it wearable…but sheesh.  If I try this pattern again (and that’s a big “if”) the neckline will be getting entirely redone.  Modesty is one thing, but this is just plain unflattering.

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