A Creamier Egg Drop Soup (Paleo/Low Carb)

  Feeling like egg drop soup but somebody in your house is picky about chunks of stuff in their soup?  I’ve got a solution.
  Here’s what you need:
2 c chicken stock
3 eggs
juice of ½ to 1 lemon, depending on personal taste
salt and pepper
  Basically we’re just making normal egg drop soup, but with the egg smoothed out into all of the soup instead of big strands of it floating in broth.  Picky, chunk-hating eaters rejoice!
  Start by heating your stock in a small sauce pan over medium heat.  While that gets up to temperature, put the rest of your ingredients into a bowl and whisk them together.  Think scrambled eggs.  When your stock starts to simmer, pour about 1/4 of it into the eggs, whisking the whole time to keep everything creamy.  Return the rest of the stock to the burner and now pour the egg mixture you just made into the pot (continuing to whisk as you do this).
  Turn the heat down to low and allow to cook for about 2 minutes, whisking occasionally.  Serve warm.
  This was good, but I’m not sure that I’d bother going out of my way to make this rather than plain ol’ egg drop soup unless you do have one of those picky eaters on your hands.  The flavor is essentially identical, the texture is the only difference!
  Unfortunately for us, our somewhat picky eater has an issue with “soup” rather than “chunks”, so this was a strike for G.  “I don’t like soup anymore” he told us.  Right.  Anymore.  I suspect he just doesn’t like the fact that using a soup spoon is more challenging than stabbing a piece of chicken with a fork.  Practice, practice, practice baby boy.

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