Toddler and Baby Reversible Bucket Hats (Link to Free Pattern)

  It may still be chilly out there, but warmer weather is on the way, I promise!  Before too long it’s going to be far too warm for little heads to be rocking knit caps, so I decided to make the boys matching bucket hats for this summer.
  I dragged G to the fabric store, pointed him at the “boy” section of fabric and let him pick his favorite.  I thought the soft, chambray looking blue was a nice compliment to the print he picked (and won’t get too hot when the summer sun beats down on it), so we bought 2/3 yard of each fabric, some interfacing and headed home to start sewing.
  The free pattern for these hats (click the link above to get to it) ranges in size from 6m to 8 years.  G has a substantially sized noggin for a 3 year old, so I went with the biggest size for him…and I figure 2.0 will probably follow in his bobble-headed footsteps and fit into the 6m hat by summer just fine.
  Gotta love those big heads…full of brains they are.
  This pattern may be a little challenging if you’re newer to sewing.  The reversible factor means that you have to be careful about how your stitching looks on both sides (assuming you want the hat to actually function reversibly), but the instructions do a good job of walking you through the process in a straight forward way.
  For G’s hat I went and made a whole bunch of extra work for myself.  One of the notes in the pattern instructions is that for a stiffer brim and a more “sporty” look you can stitch concentric circles around the brim spaced 1/4″ apart.  Well, I decided I personally like the look of the stitching 1/8″ apart…and that I was going to have the rings on the blue side of the hat be in colors to coordinate with the trucks and diggers on the print side.  Twice the stitching and I had to change my thread every time.  Brilliant.  Luckily, I think the end result was worth the work.
  G gave me a bit of a heart attack while I was working on this…I tried it on him and he immediately declared it to be “too small” and that he didn’t like it.  Thankfully he changed his mind once it was finished, and as you can see in the pictures above, modeled with great delight.  Do make sure that you clip your seam allowances around the seam where the sides of the hat meet the brim before you hand stitch your second fabric down, it makes a huge difference in fit.
  I love how these turned out.  I figure that G can wear his with the blue out and the baby can wear his with the trucks on the outside and they’ll match…but in a coordinating way, not in a creepy, “I dress my children identically” sort of way.  …I however won’t be surprised if this plan is entirely derailed for me by a determined toddler wanting to match his baby brother.
  Honestly, as cute as these turned out, I’m half tempted to figure out how to size up the pattern to make a hat to fit me.  If I get around to it, I’ll be sure to share the alterations I made to the pattern with you guys!
  If you decide to try this pattern and run into any questions about how I did anything, feel free to send me a message and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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