Welcome Baby R!

  Well, we’re back home and beginning to settle in.  Baby R (aka 2.0) was born Sunday morning after another extremely quick labor.  What a punctual little boy.  In a move clearly designed to make his mama crazy, he waited to be born exactly on his due date.

  He looks ridiculously like his big brother G, except with a full head of dark hair.
  Everybody is doing well and we’re looking forward to finding our groove as a family of four instead of three!
  As I mentioned, I’ve tried to get some posts scheduled out ahead of myself, so you guys won’t be totally without content for the next few weeks, but things will probably slow down a little bit for a month or two here.
  I’ll still be checking in regularly and sharing what I’m working on, but please be patient if it takes me a little longer than usual to respond!

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