Mend It Better-A Review

  Book review time!  And today it’s not just about my reading addiction, but sewing too!
  I struggle a little with finding sewing books that I feel like it’s worth my spending the time on.  Because I do so much sewing and have been doing it for so long, a lot of them are a bit too low level to hold my interest for long.  Mend It Better by Kristin M. Roach didn’t have that problem.
  I checked this out of my local library, fully expecting to be underwhelmed, but maybe get a few cute ideas.  Instead, I’m very seriously considering buying my own copy to keep on hand.
  I’m a huge history dork and so the introduction to the book that walks you through a small portion of the history of sewing was like catnip to me.  The author talks about her family and their history with mending and then proceeds to walk you through different techniques.
  Yes, most of it is stuff I’ve known and have been doing for years (beginners, that’s good news for you!), but there were also things I hadn’t seen before scattered throughout…and the entire darning section was new to me!
  Lots of different seamstresses contributed to the book and so there are lots of darling ideas that make you want to go find something in your closet to repair or refashion.  This book is definitely one that is worth taking the time to read!

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