How to Modify a Maternity Top to a Tunic

  Now that baby R has been born, and since I don’t have any particular plans for doing that whole pregnancy thing again, I have a bunch of maternity clothing that I have no use for.  Some of them aren’t worth the hassle of refashioning and so those have been given away or donated, but a couple pieces are so quick and easy to modify it’d be downright embarrassing not to fix them.
  I have a couple of these gathered side maternity tops.  They’re pretty basic pieces and so I picked up several of them for pretty cheap at Target over my two pregnancies.  The gathering means there’s lots of room for a growing belly as you progress, but now that I’m on the shrinking side of having a baby, the last thing I want is any more poof over my abdomen.  Plus, being as long torso-ed as I am, extra long shirts are always awesome.
  Luckily, all it takes to switch these from a maternity top to a tunic is a seam ripper and 10 minutes or so.
  All of my shirts like this simply have a band of elastic stitched to the seam allowance of the side seams like in the picture above.  All you have to do to transform them into a nice, long tunic is to pick the stitching in the elastic out (to remove it) and wash your shirt.  …I haven’t actually done the washing with mine in the picture below, but the wash will fix any remaining puckering along the seam and smooth out any minor stretching that may have happened when you were pregnant.
  …so about that little photobomber… you can probably expect to be seeing a lot of him for a while.  The goal, of course, is to get the boys on the same nap schedule, but by the time I got them both down and got set up, he woke up and caught me with my tripod out, which inevitably results in his demanding that we take pictures together.  Yes, he is wearing mismatched pajamas in the middle of the day…I took these pictures not quite 2 weeks after R’s birth, I think I get a little slack on not having our schedules worked out to the point of wrangling the 3 year old into clothing every day, don’t I?
  Ah well.  There are worse things than a mischievous toddler in his jammies weaseling his way into my photos.
  For now, this is probably all I’ll be doing with these tops.  They do wind up pretty loose fitting around the middle, but until my guts finish deflating, I kind of prefer that.  I can always do another round of modifications to bring in the side seams later, after I’ve gotten the go-ahead for crunches!

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