Spring Plaid Pants (Little Boy’s)

  Back in mid-February, G and I took a trip to JoAnn Fabrics. I needed buttons and bias tape for projects I was working on so I thought I’d take a chance on his behavior, even though we were closing in on the witching hour.

  G was surprisingly well behaved and Simplicity patterns were on sale for a buck a pop, so we sat down at the table and started browsing through the pattern books.  He was determined to start from the beginning, in the adult women’s section, so I told him to let me know if he saw anything he thought would be particularly pretty on me.  This is what he picked out:
  Hmm…yeah…  There’s me, 9 months pregnant… I smiled and told him that, gee G, that IS a pretty dress, but I don’t think it would fit Mommy (especially since Mommy has, never in her whole life, had the hips to fill out that dress).  His response?  “Oh, well, after baby brother is born you’ll get little again and then it will be beautiful.”  …why do I have the feeling I’m going to get talked into making this ridiculous dress even though it won’t fit right and I will have absolutely nowhere to wear it?  (G’s suggestion as to where I wear it, by the way, was “dancing with Daddy, and I’ll come too!”…smooth talking little monster!)
  We managed to leave the store without that particular pattern, but as he continued browsing G eventually got to the children’s section and found some pants he liked.  They were pretty basic pajama pants, so I asked him what it was he liked about them.  “That they’re stripey!” he told me, so, since he’d been so well behaved, and since I knew, come spring, he was going to be needing some new pants anyhow, I took him over to the clearance fabric and let him pick out some fabric for new pants.
  These are a modified version of that same old Simplicity 2526 pattern I’ve been using for ages, just a bigger size.  He has been threatening a growth spurt for weeks now and so I figured making them extra long and cuffing them while we needed to was a smarter move than getting 2 weeks wear out of them!  His legs get longer all the time, but his waist doesn’t seem to change much.  Makes for easy alterations for me.
  Pockets are an absolute requirement for this little boy (he’s always aggravated when his store bought pants don’t have them) so I added a set using this method, but making them extra low so that I could simply fold over the excess at the top instead of adding a separate waistband.
I didn’t design the pants to show his underpants like a little thug,
 but that camera in his pocket is heavy!
  This is a really lightweight cotton, so I’m guessing that rough-and-tumble 3-year-old will probably be putting a few holes in these before he grows out of them…but with the already patchwork design, mending them inconspicuously should be a snap.
  He’s happy with them, and I’m loving that he’ll have warm weather clothing that won’t require me to sunscreen his little legs…those legs move too fast!

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