Fish Mobile- a work in progress

  Ever since I came across this pin on Pinterest, I’ve known I wanted to do something with similar fabric fish for G’s room.

  The long term plan is that when R is older (past the waking-in-the-night baby phase), we’ll build the boys some bunk beds and they can share a room…so I can move my sewing and office stuff into the nursery and we can once more have a guest room.  We’ll see if it works out that way or not.
  On top of the sea captain theme I was working towards in G’s room, I thought that fish would be doubly appropriate when both of them are in there, as BOTH my little boys are Pisces.  Obviously I need fish for my little fish boys!
  I’m pretty sure the fish in the picture are made out of old socks or sweaters.  I kind of love how cartoony and not at all realistic they are, but I didn’t have any old argyle socks kicking around, so I grabbed scrap material and eyeballed a pattern.
  This fish actually wound up a little too realistic for my taste, but G seems to be in love with it.  When I told him I planned to make him a mobile with lots of fish and hang it from his ceiling he looked at the fish, put his “thinking” face on and said “Well, ok, but will you make some fish that don’t go on the ceiling so I can play with them?”
  …so maybe Mr. Trout here will stay off the mobile and be kept as a stuffed animal and I’ll make the rest of the fish in more outlandishly colored fabrics.
  Like a school of lime green minnows.
  What do you think?

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