Toddler Tutu

  About a year ago our local library brought a ballet troupe to the storytime G and I attended.  There were little girls and older girls (teenagers) dancing and G absolutely fell in love.  He has always been a flirt, so I wasn’t surprised when he wanted to go meet the ballerinas, but I was surprised that his interest stuck after we left.
  He asked me to make him a tutu, but I half forgot, and half blew it off as something he was going to ask about and then lose interest in before I finished making it.  Ballerinas have neither engines nor wheels, things that are common to all his other obsessions.
  He didn’t lose interest though.  Every once in a while we’d be rocking out, dancing in the living room and he’d mention that I still needed to make him a tutu so he could “dance with those girls from the library”.  So, I finally got around to it.
  It turned out longer than a traditional tutu, but he likes it how it is.  It’s a touch big around the waist, so it should fit for a while…and it makes him look like a boogie-ing little rain cloud.  I sort of love it.
  I really like the “tied” tutus I see all over the place, but cutting a billion strips of tulle sounded like a nightmare to me (what can I say, I hate cutting straight lines), so this is 3 layers of tulle that I gathered and zig zag stitched to the elastic.
  I stitched each layer with the top of the tulle turned towards the bottom of the elastic waistband, so when he’s wearing it, the “finished” side of the seam is up, the tulle sticks out a bit and each layer fluffs out the layer above.
  Not sure I see a future in ballet for him, his style is more Snoopy than Tchaikovsky, but now he has the right wardrobe should he have the opportunity to dance with “those girls from the library” again.

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