More Kids, More Funky Facial Expressions

  I’ve been trying not to fall into the “second child” trap.  I’ve been doing my best to make sure that R gets his fair share of pictures, and, though I don’t have one yet, I’m planning to find him a baby book and do a half-penny job of filling it out…just like I did for his big brother.  …I need somewhere to tuck all the weight and height cards from the doctor after all.

  Thing is, every time my camera comes out, I’ve trained G so well as my little model, he can’t handle not being in the shot.
  Sure…that means I get shots like this one.  But it’s a little less impressive when I tell you that this shot took taking 119 other pictures the vast majority of which turned out like this:
  Getting one kid to not make faces at the camera is hard.  Getting two to do it simultaneously is nearly impossible.  Poor boys.  Their mama can’t take pictures without making goofy faces either.
  Speaking of “poor boys”, poor G…he better hope that sparkly teenaged vampires are still in vogue when he starts dating.  These pics rather nicely highlight just how clearly he inherited my lily-white complexion.  We’ll have to wait and see if his little brother escapes the same fate!

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