Mobile Fish #2

  I mentioned in the comments last week…there might be a lot of these for a while.  Crafting and sewing time is rather at a premium with two little guys on my hands.  That means more posts about works in progress than finished projects for a little bit!

  I finished another fish for the mobile.
  This time I’m getting smart and keeping him hidden away so he doesn’t get co-opted into G’s growing army of stuffed animals.
  This fish’s nubby body and chubby little pot-belly are more in line with the idea I had to start with.  I’m also happier with the sequin and bead eyes I stitched on, instead of the buttons last week’s fishy had.
  The bulk of him is scraps left from my two-way stole, his face is the same as the first fish’s body and his fins and tail are pocket material from a pair of my Mr.’s jeans that had gotten worn out.
  I’m definitely missing having the time to complete bigger projects right now; the first 3 months or so of having a new baby made me totally batty last time too.  I have to admit though, these little quick projects are fun!

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