Brother Owl Pants

  Color is sort of my thing.  I may not have a great sense of how a pattern will work out on a piece, and I’m definitely still a bit hopeless in the kitchen, but if you need help determining flattering colors for you (or just color combinations), I’m all over it.

  Unfortunately for me, having an eye for color is a less-than-marketable skill in the area I live in.  Fortunately for me, it gives me lots of opportunities to go shopping with friends and family.
  My ma was looking for some advice on selecting fabrics in flattering colors for a few clothing patterns she was going to be making.  I helped her out, and as a thank you, she offered to buy me some fabric.  Since the fabric I’d been eyeing to make myself a shirt didn’t have enough on the bolt, I grabbed a flashy, bottom-weight juvenile print and decided to make the boys pants.
  These pants can’t decide if they’re for hipsters or if they just don’t have the time to care cuz they’re too busy at their glow-stick fueled rave.
  I am so jealous they can pull them off and I can’t.
  R’s pants are as simple as they can get.  Straight forward, 4 piece, elastic waist pants.  I’m not opposed to the idea of sewing things for him, despite knowing he’s going to grow out of them in a month, but I’m also not about to put hours of work into it.
  G’s pants are a bit more elaborate.  He’s growing, but mostly just up, so I can leave myself a nice deep hem in the legs and let them out as need be.  Besides, assuming they don’t get worn to absolute shreds by this little boy, they’ve also got a whole second run coming when R gets to be G’s size.  They’re still the same ol’, same ol’ pants with pockets I’ve been making him for forever now, but for these I added an extra detail.
  Because this is such a busy print, I wanted to outline the pockets so they didn’t just fade into the design.  I happened to have some neon green cotton that worked with the print perfectly, so I made up some bias tape and sandwiched it into the seam when I sewed my pocket in.
  G loves all of his bright, highly patterned clothing and these don’t seem to be an exception.  I predict that they’re going to be a part of many, many eye-bleedingly clashy outfits to come.
  As always, if you have any questions about anything I’ve done sewing these, let me know!

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