How to Sew Your Own Pillowcase

  We’ve been really lucky with how G has adjusted to the new baby.  Having heard lots of horror stories of parents who can’t leave their children alone in the same room together for fear of the elder pinching or trying to smother the baby, I was prepared for the worst.  I won’t say that we haven’t seen some behavior backlash in the wake of the birth, but it has all been directed at us.  
  G loves R, to an almost comically possessive degree.
  One of the things that I think has probably helped keep G from feeling resentful towards R is that we’ve involved him in absolutely everything to do with the baby that’s possible.  He helps us give R his bath, helps change his diaper, re-covers him with his blanket in his swing if he kicks it off and almost always comes with me when it’s time for me to nurse R.
  Obviously, there’s only so exciting that can be for a little boy, so he has made up games to play while R eats.  His favorite is to make a nest of blankets and pillows on the floor and put his stuffed animals “to bed”.  This game has led to a voracious appetite for pillows, which led to some conflict over the one pillow I needed to support my back while nursing.
  Rather than have a constant turf-battle with him, I decided to make a “special” pillow for his favorite stuffed animal, Clifford.
  We happened to have a small travel pillow that had been kicking around that had seen better days.  Somebody (*cough, cough* G) had spilled hot cocoa all over it, and it had fallen out of favor.  A new pillowcase was just the answer.
  I dragged him into the office, pulled out all of my cottons that were large enough for the project and told him to pick two.
  Kudos to you if you recognize the bright green as the edging on his owl pant pockets.
  This is a super fast project, and obviously there is no reason you can’t make full sized pillow cases the same way.
  Here’s what you need:
Travel pillow sized case
1-16.5″x 25.5″ piece of fabric (body)
1-8.5″ x 25.5″ piece of fabric (edge)
coordinating thread
Bed sized pillowcase
1-27″ x 37.5″ piece of fabric (body)
1-8.5″ x 37.5″ (edge)*
coordinating thread
*notice that I gave my travel pillow a proportionally wider edge than a “professional” pillowcase.  If you want a wider, floppier edge on your big case, you’ll need to increase the 8.5″ measurement a few inches.
I’ve used 1/4″ seam allowances since that’s what my serger creates.
  Start by folding your edge piece in half (wrong sides together) to make it long and skinny.  Your 8.5″ measurement should become 4.25″.  Iron it flat to set the crease.
  Placing your right sides together, pin the unfinished edge of your now-folded edge piece along your body fabric.  Obviously at this point your edge piece is all “right” sides, so just make sure you’ve got it facing the right side of your body piece.  Stitch the two together and press the seam flat.
  Fold your now-joined pieces in half placing right sides together.  For your travel pillow this will make your 25.5″ edge 12.75″ long and your bed sized pillow’s 37.5″ edge 18.75″ long.  Sew the bottom and side edges of your pillowcase.  Flip right-side out and iron.  You’re done!
  I don’t tend to make a lot of these, since most sheet sets come with their own pillowcases, but this is a great way to make something special for a child or to accent current bedding.  It’s a wonderful project for beginning sewers.
  If you have any questions about how these go together, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help!

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