Maple Bud Hair Comb

  This past weekend I celebrated a friend of mine’s birthday.  We’ve been friends since middle school, and she is one of the few people I know who not only has hair long enough, but actually chooses to adorn it with elaborate picks and combs.  I don’t tend to find a whole lot of opportunity to wear hair-jewelry myself, but I love making it, so I inevitably wind up making something for her as a gift!

  Our yard has a ton of maple trees in it, and all of them are budding out right now.  The pinkish red of the ends of their branches is just gorgeous against the cornflower blue of the sky, and so I decided I wanted to try and make a comb that looked a bit like the branches of my trees.
  The seed beads photographed rather orange for some reason or another, but in natural daylight they’re more pink.  If you look at the beads in the bottom left-hand corner you can get a better idea of their true coloring.
  To make this, I used fine wire and two types of beads turned into beaded branches using the same method I wrote up this past summer.
  My friend loved it, and hopefully she’ll get lots of wear out of it.  As well as it turned out, I’m half tempted to make myself one.  Too bad I know it’d be in my hair all of 30 seconds before one curious little boy or another yanked it out…

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