Back to the Great Outdoors

  No craft post this week.  The weather has finally warmed up around here so I’ve been enjoying getting outside with the boys, cleaning up our patio furniture, picking up fallen branches and sweeping off the porches.  Instead of leaving you entirely post-less I thought I’d share some of the pictures I’ve taken while we’ve been running around the yard.

For whatever reason, our yard is kind of lumpy.  While he’s never been bothered by it before, G has been all over me to “fill in these holes” this spring.  I think he’s annoyed they work like speedbumps.
  Good eyes if you recognized the bucket hat I made him back in March.
  All over the yard winter browns and greys are giving way to bright, bright green.
  This is one place I’d hoped to not see green.  Our mint had gotten entirely out of control and developed a funky taste to it, so I tried to rip it out last year.  Experienced gardeners, I can hear you laughing from here.  This stuff will not die.
  I’m not unhappy about most of our herbs coming back though.  As you can see, we’ve already started using our chives!
  Most of the flowers are still just starting to push up through the ground, but not all of them.
  God bless your delusional little heart if you think anything short of nuclear war is gonna stop the dandelions from taking over the yard at the first sign of warm weather.
  Aren’t these little darlings gorgeous?  Too bad they’re growing through a crack in our driveway!
  This tree completely exploded on me.  It was nothing but buds one morning and was a riot of white flowers by that night.  5 days later it’s down to this comparatively sparse spattering of pink flowers and an ocean of petals underneath it.
  I don’t know what it is, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out I’m allergic to it.  My allergies have gone bonkers in the last few days…about the same time frame it has been flowering like crazy.
  …this one though…he’s not impressed.  Flower all you want plants, he’s going back to sleep.

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