Sewing Slacker

  No crafting, no sewing…what is my deal this week, right?  Well, to be fair to myself, my Mr. was gone on a work trip from early Sunday morning til late Wednesday night…and I’ve been running myself ragged trying to keep up with these two little boys at once….and I did do several repairs and refashions…but I don’t think you guys necessarily care to see that I let the hem down on a pair of G’s pants or fixed a busted seam on a pillow.

  That being said, while I didn’t finish any new sewing this week, I have started a project.  Our local library recently obtained a copy of Drape Drape 2 (at my request) and, in an attempt to be somewhat realistic about how much sewing time I have right now, I’m going to try one of the “one piece” projects.
  Thing is, as a Japanese sewing book like ShapeShape (that I got my Two Way Stole and Folded Shrug patterns out of), the pattern sheet is INSANE.  I have to make sure I only open them when the boys are asleep, cuz I can’t help myself…I swear every time I unfold one…it looks like G got his hands on a fine tip sharpie and a large sheet of paper and went to town there are so many tangled up, crossing lines.
  The “one piece” pattern that I needed to trace was actually broken into 3 pieces on one side of the paper…with about 4 other project’s pieces mixed in there too.  So, tracing the pattern is as far as I’ve gotten.  The actual construction of the piece shouldn’t take too terribly long, so hopefully I’ll have it ready for next week.
  Here’s what I’m going to be sewing:
  I’m a little nervous it’s not going to be long enough on my crazy lengthed torso to work as a dress…but, eh, I can always wear it as a tunic, right?
  See you back here next week!

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