Wild Women’s Weekend and Photography Tips

  Mothers Day was this past Sunday, and, just like last year, I spent Friday and Saturday of the weekend whooping it up in the woods with a bunch of other women.

  Despite taking a more advanced photography class this time, I didn’t wind up with quite as many pretty pictures.  This class was more about the nuts and bolts of getting the shot you want than just running around going “ooh!  Flowers!!”.
  The absolute biggest thing I learned is the most embarrassing to admit.  I’ve had my DSLR since last August and until this past weekend I didn’t realize there were two different portions of it I could turn to focus.  The portion that really changes how far you zoom in and out is pretty easy to find…it’s the main part of the barrel of the lens, and on mine has indented stripes.  What I didn’t realize was that I could also adjust the smaller, front portion of the lens to fine tune the focus.  I have been struggling to figure out how to use my manual setting and actually get it to focus where I wanted for months because of this.
  Aren’t I adorable?
  Once I got past that hurdle, I was able to start working on depth of field.  Basically, choosing where in my photo to focus and what to allow to fall out of focus.
  The other concept we worked on was using sight lines to move your eye through the picture…finding naturally occurring lines and patterns and integrating them into photos in interesting ways.
  For most of these pictures I was experimenting with my telephoto lens, and so there’s some warping that I’m not terribly happy with, but now I at least have a few more techniques to experiment with!
  The weather wasn’t nearly as nice to us this year as it was last year.  It was overcast and cold most of the day and those of us who braved the night in tents went to sleep wearing every piece of clothing we had with us.
  I woke up bright and early and started my day with a class in shotgun trap shooting.
  I am not good at it.
  It was fun enough, but I’ve come to the conclusion that guns aren’t my thing.  I’ll fire a couple rounds, but I get bored quickly.  It’s noisy and I can’t help but thinking of how expensive the ammo is every time I (inevitably) miss my target.  I’m much more of an archery kind of girl.
   Good thing since that was my next class!  I enjoyed it so much last year that I took the beginning class again.  You need to have your own bow to move on to the more advanced classes and I didn’t have one, so it was the starter class for me.  I liked it enough again though that the boys got me my own bow and arrow set for Mother’s Day the next evening.  The bow we got adjusts so that any size person can use it, so once we get a couple bales of straw to set up a target I look forward to having some good natured archery competitions with my Mr., and, eventually when G & R are older, with the boys!
  My photography class was last, and by the time it was done I was missing my menfolk and ready to head home.  I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and can’t wait to go back again next year!

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