Raglan Sleeve Top- McCall’s pattern M6288

  Oh commercial patterns with the word “Easy” the envelope, how I love you.  Quick, simple projects that let me focus on detail technique and wardrobe building without the frustration of not having a completed piece for months thanks to my adorable little interruptions.  And, much like my adored wrap sweater, this one is liable to get made a million times.
  I actually put off buying this pattern for a really long time.  I liked it every time I flipped through the pattern books, but I was pretty sure that I mostly just liked it because the model is utterly gorgeous and the color they picked is especially flattering on her.
  Too bad I’m not a 6′ tall, leggy, Indian ballerina, huh?
  The usual $1 pattern sale rolled around again not too long ago though, and I finally decided I’d just give in and buy it.  There are worse things than spending $1 on a pattern that might not work out.
  Except it totally did work out.
  I love this top.  I made it out of leftover knit from my modified Adriadne top.  I will admit that it’s not super practical from a “get on the floor and play with the toddler while holding a baby” standpoint, cuz it is really low cut and stretchy (so R tends to yank it even further down) but oooh cute staple if you don’t mind flashing a bit of cleavage.  Besides, I can always throw a tank top underneath if I’m feeling especially modest.
  Since my bust measurement is all jacked up right now anyhow, I based my size off my waist and went with a 10.  It fits perfectly…hooray for finally picking the right size!
  I followed the pattern and instructions for this exactly.  That says to me, that for a normal length torso-ed person, this top would be crazy long.  It probably also means it would be too low cut.  I would highly recommend checking the neckline on yourself and considering modifying it before cutting into your fabric.  Aside from that, go wild.  This is a quick, easy top and it doesn’t take a whole lot of fabric.
  Expect to see more of these in the future…and probably other pieces from this pattern as well!

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