Destructo-rama- Making our Yard a Little Safer

  I’ve mentioned it before, but our house is really old.  It was originally part of a huge farm and so there are quite a few outbuildings that sit on our property.  Most of them are in decent enough shape to be usable, but one of them was not.

  While I loved that old building for photos (and especially as a backdrop), G was getting far too curious about it, and the cracks and holes in it just grew bigger every winter.
  I had nightmares of it falling on someone, and it wasn’t really doing anything useful on our property anyhow, so it had to come down.
  My Mr. rented a dumpster and when it showed up early Friday morning, got to work.
  He started by prying the doors off and pulling out the windows.  There was metal sheeting over the roof, so that came off next.
  Next came the tar paper and the wooden roof.  Because there was a lot of material that was going to be coming out of the building and into the dumpster he burned as much of the wood as he could to save space.  I suggested we could keep it for our fireplace, but apparently it was the wrong type of wood and would gunk up our chimney and burn down the house, and do I want to burn down the house?!?!  

  By the end of the first day, most of the roof was gone and I teased him he wasn’t going to leave anything for his buddies (who were coming over the next day) to help with.
  Our dear friends from Pittsburgh arrived that night and bright and early the guys were out back pulling down the rest of the roof. 
  G really wanted to get out and help the guys, so rather than locking him inside the house to keep him safe, we took him (and R) to the local nature center where he could run around in the fresh air without the risk of getting a chunk of flying debris to the face.
  By the time we got back there wasn’t much left of the building.
  The guys broke for lunch, I put G & R down for their naps and the destruction continued.
  The three of them hulked over the final corner of the building and by 4pm everything was gone.  The beat up old concrete pad it was resting on is still back there, but there’s no concern that will fall on anybody, so we can take our time breaking it up.
  The guys collapsed on the lawn, we all enjoyed the remains of the fire and we played around with my bow and arrow set til G woke up.
  One big destruction finished, so now we can do more creative projects back there!

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