G’s Duvet Cover- A Work In Progress

  Apologies for the missed post yesterday, I seem to have defied the usual logic of illness and come down with the flu in 90 degree weather.  I collapsed into bed and entirely forgot about writing up a recipe.  That being said, I don’t want to leave you without a post two days in a row!  I don’t have a finished project, but I’ve completed a substantial amount of work on the duvet cover for G’s big boy bed.

  The blue is a pin-striped washed linen (I thought I’d embrace the rumpled, wrinkled look that I’m sure my little boy’s bed will have anyhow), the inner ring of cream is the same fabric as I used to upholster his glider and the outer ring of cream (yet to be attached) and the backing will be the same canvas as I made his curtains out of.  They’re similar, but the curtain canvas is slightly darker and a lot heavier.
  If I get this done by next week is probably going to depend on how quickly this illness runs its course.  There’s not a ton left, so I certainly hope I’ll be able to show you a finished project!

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