Cheap, Easy Way to Blur Photo Edges (Without Smearing Anything on Your Camera)

  Sometimes taking portraits in a studio setting just doesn’t work.  Especially for pictures of little kids, capturing them in their element tends to yield much more authentic, meaningful pictures than standing them on a sterile field and expecting to photograph a natural expression.  Problem is, their element tends to be messy and visually distracting.  Not so great for getting a nice portrait.  Blurring the edges of your photo can solve this problem and help keep the focus on your subject, but until the other day, the only way I knew of doing it was by smearing Vaseline on your camera lens and, uh, that is not happening.
  So how did I get these shots with the blurry, light filled edges if I didn’t (shudders) sludge my camera?  Well, I found this pin, and tried it out.  Basically, you just need a sandwich baggie and a little bit of time to experiment.
  Tear a hole in the bottom of your baggie so you have rough edges and gather it around your lens so that the edges stick into your picture.  Center your subject in the middle (through the hole) and click away!  Experiment with the light and how far from the lens you hold the bag for different effects.
  I found that the more I backlit G, the more opaque the baggie became in the picture.
  This is definitely a technique I’m going to be playing around with more…it’s so easy and yields such great results!  Who would have thought it came from something that’s usually holding pb & j?!

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