Ship Captain’s Duvet Cover

  Just in time for summer, I’ve finished G’s nice, warm duvet cover.  My timing is impeccable.  

  Ah well, my sweet little mariner refuses to sleep without a half dozen blankets piled on top of him regardless of the weather, and he seems quite taken with the new cover.

  There is still plenty to do in his room, but finishing the cover is a huge step towards bringing everything together visually.
  I’m not big on quilting, so I knew I didn’t want to do anything particularly complicated, but I didn’t really want to do just a single color either
  I started with a central square of blue, pin-striped linen that I cut to just a hair wider than the top of the mattress.  I wanted to make sure that the break between the top of the comforter and the parts falling down the sides wasn’t awkward.  Next I added a frame of the cream colored canvas I used to upholster the glider in his room, making the top and bottom strips somewhat wider than the side bands.  Next came a thin band of the linen.  Finally I used the slightly darker canvas from his curtains to fill out the remaining distance to the edge of the cover.  (Click here for a laid-out-flat picture of the layout)  The difference between the colors in the two cream fabrics is subtle, but the slight variation in color and texture adds a nice richness to the finished cover, and repeating the same fabrics from other parts of the room gives things a nice cohesiveness.  As always, I added ties to the inside corners to keep everything in place.
  At some point I’ll probably want to add some buttons to the bottom of the cover to keep it shut, but I ran out of time, and seeing as that end is tucked into the end of the bed anyhow, I’m not too worried about it.
  I’m quite happy with how it turned out.  It sits how I hoped it would on the bed and I think it will be something that will be able to grow with him.  Plus, the fabrics should all get softer and softer every time they’re washed.  Now I just need to find some artwork for him and keep making fish!

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