How to Fit Your Diaper Bag in Your Purse

  I really hate having to haul a diaper bag with me.  If I have both boys with me, at a minimum, I already have my purse, R in his car seat and G by the hand.  Usually I also have at least one or two other things I need to be carrying, pushing or pulling, so dragging a full sized, satchel diaper bag around on top of everything else I have makes me feel like an overburdened Sherpa.  It doesn’t help my level of annoyance that 9 times out of 10 that I haul that big bag with me, I don’t wind up needing it.
  I can’t very well not take it though, or that inevitable 10th time will surely strike in the most desperate, stinky way possible.  So what is a vain, likes-to-travel-light mama supposed to do?
  Enter the mini-diaper bag.
  This obviously isn’t the whole kit and caboodle diaper bag with burp cloths, blankets and toys, but a lot of the time you don’t need all that stuff, like when you’re grocery shopping for instance.  You do however need to have supplies on hand in case of diaper emergencies.
  I’m keeping a couple of these made up with whatever size diaper R is in at the time so I can have one in my purse or toss one into the stroller when we’re on the go.
  Want to make your own?  Here’s what you need:
A quart sized sandwich bag
2 or 3 packaged wet wipes (you can get sensitive ones safe for baby’s skin)
An appropriately sized diaper
A small bag for dirty diaper containment (in case you’re not near a trash)
A waterproof pad*
*I use cut in half disposable “underpads” that we used for protecting the car seat when we were potty training G.  You may have some of these from the hospital when you gave birth.
  Fold your underpad to a size that will fit into your bag.  This will be what you lay the baby on to protect them/the surface you are changing them on from yuck.  Next, place your diaper in the bag with the pad.  Fold up your small bag and add it and finally toss in your wet wipes.  Squish all the air out of the bag and seal it shut.
  You now have everything you need for an emergency change!  The whole package is less than an inch thick and isn’t much bigger than a folded in half sheet of paper.  Unless your purse is really tiny, it should be small enough to tag along at all times without much fuss.
  Much nicer than remembering that giant diaper bag, isn’t it?

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