Yoked Top- McCall’s pattern M6288 (A Work In Progress)

  Well, it’s another week that I haven’t quite managed to finish a sewing project.  The combination of the warm weather drawing me outside and the boys refusing to nap at the same time has really slowed down the process.

  There are certainly worse things.
  That being said, I’ve started work on the other shirt from McCall’s pattern M6288.
  As happy as I was with how the raglan sleeved top turned out, I thought I’d give the yoked top (top right) a try.  I may get around to the cute little racer backed dress and the skirt at some point, but there’s only so practical short skirts are with little ones, and I’m trying to keep my wardrobe wearable.
  This one is going to be a bit of an experiment.  I had some scraps of dupioni silk kicking around, one of which was an awesome yellow that I really wanted to make something out of for myself.  Unfortunately there wasn’t quite enough to cut all of the pieces for this, but I’m going to do some creative piecing and integrate it with some cream dupioni.  I’m not sure it will hang how it’s supposed to, but we’ll see! 

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