Yoked Top- McCall’s pattern M6288 (A Work (Still) In Progress)

  This top is taking me way longer than I expected.
  First off, all the seams are French seams.  WHO designs French seams into a teen/young women’s “easy” pattern?!  It’ll be beautiful inside and out when it’s done, but French seams mean no serger, so it’s taking a lot longer.
  Secondly, there’s this:
  I know you love my sexy, “I’m a Thanksgiving day parade balloon” face.
  So I mentioned last week, I’m not using the “right” fabric.  This top is supposed to be made out of a soft, drapey fabric.  The dupioni I’m using instead is decidedly towards the “crunchy” end of the spectrum.  That means that instead of draping around my body like a soft, pretty toga, it stands out from my body…like a sheet of paper.
  I knew it was going to do that to some extent, but the level it’s doing it to is rather comical.  I want this to be a somewhat boxy, unshaped top, but, uh, not this much.
  I’ll be doing some creative altering of the side seams to see if I can’t slim it down to something more in line with what I have in my head.
  Regardless of how it turns out, next week I’ll show you guys the end results…and I’ll show you the changes I made to the back!

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