Pillowcase Sleep Shorts

  G is quite the proper little gentleman.  Regardless of how hot it gets, he refuses to sleep in just his underpants and absolutely must be wearing a top and pants of some sort at night.  That’s fine…but unfortunately all of his pajamas that fit were long sleeved, full length flannel numbers.  Not exactly conducive to good sleep in 80-degrees-at-night kind of weather.
  Lucky for him, Mama had some old pillow cases that were just begging to be turned into shorts.
  To create these I used my usual technique for making my own pattern from a pair of shorts I knew fit him.  I actually messed up a little doing it…I forgot to stretch out the elastic in the waistband and so the first pair I made was, ahem, a bit snug.  No problem!  Just slashed the sides and put in a band of contrasting fabric.  He loves the “stripes” down the side anyhow.
  These are a quick, easy project and now he has a couple pairs of light-weight cotton shorts to snooze in.  Honestly, they turned out cute enough I’m probably going to have a hard time reserving them for pajamas!


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