Lightweight Sleep Sack for Baby

  Tuesday I showed you the warm weather sleep shorts I made for G.  He’s not the only one whose sleeping wardrobe has been getting updated though.  R sleeps better for us when he’s in a sleep sack.  He’s past the age where swaddling is particularly effective, but he still does better with something around his feet.  All the appropriately sized sleep sacks we had were fleece though…obviously not an option in this weather.  Old pillow cases to the rescue AGAIN!

  To make this, all I did was lay one of his current sleep sacks on top of the pillowcase and trace around it, leaving the bottom of the pillow case sealed shut and cutting into it for the neck and armholes towards the open end.  Another option, if you don’t currently have a sleep sack, would be to use a onesie for a basic guideline on neck and arm size (though obviously your sack has to be significantly longer than a onesie!)  Once I had the pillowcase cut to the correct shape, I slashed down the middle of the front piece and installed the zipper.  Then I sewed up the side seams before finishing the armholes and neckline.  As a note…I install the zippers upside down so the pull tab winds up at the baby’s feet.  This is a little preemptive at this point, but becomes super important once you start using these sacks to keep little nudists from ripping off all their clothing and diaper in the night.  If you want to do it the same way you need a separating zipper for this to actually work.
  Because these are a quick and dirty project using old pillow cases they don’t ever turn out terribly pretty.  They’re not something I’m going to pull out to show off my sewing skills for sure.  The zipper always creates a pleat at the bottom using this method, and since I just fold over my arm and neck holes to stitch them, they’re always pretty warped and hideous.  I could do it the right way…separate the front from the back, put the zipper in first before reattaching them…finish the neck/armholes with bias tape…but, nah.  These are a practical item that I’m just making so the baby sleeps well for these few hot months, so I’m gonna stick with slapdash.
  Have any questions about how to make a bag to shove your baby in?  Leave a comment or shoot me an email!

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