Cotton Gym Shorts

  Last week G got some sleep shorts and R got a sleep sack, all in the name of keeping my little boys cool in the hot weather…but here I was, still trying to zumba in long yoga pants!  It was my turn for something lightweight for the weather.
  Using the same basic method I used to make G’s shorts, stealing a pattern from a pair of my sleep shorts (and somehow managing to again not stretch everything out quite far enough) and then lengthening them, I made this pair.
  The pattern needs a little bit of modification before I try to make another pair.  I had to slash the sides of mine just like G’s (clearly I’m not doing so hot on the pattern making with pants this summer), and while I like that they’re fairly snug to my legs for when I’m jumping around doing African dance and stretches and what not, they don’t fall quite right.
  The shoes I wear are dance shoes and the only color I could find is black…so I pretty much look like the biggest dork on earth wearing them with these shorts, but I can’t really blame the shorts for that.  The point was to make myself something I could dance in without dying of heat, and for that they’re perfect.  So, for their intended purpose?  Complete and total win.  For any sort of added stylishness or feeling like anything but an awkward, pasty white girl attempting the salsa?  Fail.

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