Scoop Back Top, a Work in Progress

  I almost finished the top I’m working on for today.  The body is constructed and the sleeves are attached.  The finishing however, is not even started.
  Rather than rush through it and doing a hackneyed job, I’m forcing myself to slow down and do it right.  That means you’ll have to wait for the pictures til next week.
  The idea for what I’m working on started with this top:
  My version is going to be significantly more warm weather oriented (though I like the design enough I may just make a colder weather one too).  I had a lightweight white jersey knit with black stripes across it that I decided to use.
  Those stripes are part of why it’s not done.  Ready-to-wear clothing never seems to actually match their stripes/patterns.  It drives me crazy.  So, since I’m a matching-stripes snob, I had to make sure all mine lined up.  Easier said than done.  But, all of my side seams match and even an acceptable number of armhole lines, so now it’s time to cut some bias strips for the neckline and finish the hem and sleeve cuffs.
  Every summer my July and August wind up entirely out of control and this year is no exception.  Lots of visiting friends, hitting the beach and bbq-ing means not a lot of time with needle and thread.  I’m certainly not complaining!  Regardless, this top ought to be done by next week and I’ll show it to you then!

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