Scoop Back Top (Completed)

  The scoop back top is done and I’m…mostly happy with it.  The binding on the neckline was a little tricky.  I used the same technique I’ve been using since I made the Ariadne top, and because I was working with a very stretchy knit, decided to reduce the length of the binding by 30%.  Think that was a smidge too much.  Ah well.  The back turned out lovely.
  I didn’t actually have a picture of the front of the original shirt, so I had to decide on my own how I wanted to make it.  Since I was using this black and white stripe I thought I’d channel a French sailor’s shirt and went with a bateau neckline in the front.  I’m not entirely sure it was the right move.
  I don’t think it looks bad persay, but I think all those stripes work as a handy measurement of just how freaking long my torso is…and having them start right up by my collar bone…  What can I say, I’m a looooong cool drink of water.
  To make this I started with my favorite basic top pattern.  I cut everything normally (though I lengthened the hem on the back piece so I could get that nice scoop effect) but just cut notches for where the neckline met at the shoulder seams.  I sewed up the sides and shoulders (check out that stripe matching folks) and tried it on.  I stuck a pin in the back above where my bra hits and started very conservatively cutting til I got the scoop to where I wanted it.
  My scoop back turned out wider and shorter than the one in the original…but like I said, I wanted to make sure I could wear it with a normal bra/tank top, and a bateau neckline just doesn’t look right unless it’s a bit wide.  My Mr. actually suggested adding the scarf at my waist, which goes a huge way to breaking up the “ohmigod she goes on forever” look.  I’ll probably try making the same general idea again in a solid color and maybe giving it a deeper neckline in the front.
  As always, I’m happy to answer any questions you have about how I put this together!  Leave me a comment or send me an email, I love hearing from you guys!

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