We’re BACK!

  It’s been a restful couple of weeks and I’m ready to get back to creating with you guys!  While I was gone, we headed back up to the cottage for my birthday…
  …I went out dancing with a friend, went paperless (or at least got well on my way), mended and altered a ton of clothing that had been sitting aside for much too long, weeded and mulched several of my gardens and…oh yeah, did this to my hair:
  I’m not sure if my hair didn’t fall out as soon post-pregnancy with G or if I just didn’t notice it because it was so much shorter, but this time around, it decided to start right away. My hair being nice and long, I was combing a kitten’s worth of hair out of my head every morning and leaving a bunny in the drain when I washed it at night.  It was definitely time for a cut.
  I’m donating the extra to Children with Hair Loss.  I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I’m donating my hair?  I figure if I don’t want it, somebody else can use it and CWHL only requires 8″. 
  Oh, and no, your eyes don’t deceive you, that is in fact turquoise hair you’re seeing.
  I’ve always wanted to try a funky color for my hair, but have always been too chicken to try it before.  Doing my classes in accounting, I figure once I wind up back in the “real world” after the boys are in school, I’m probably not going to be able to get away with it.  So, I decided to bite the bullet (it’s only hair after all, it does grow!) and had my stylist try it out.  I love it.  It’s actually a lot more subtle than it looks in this picture (I pulled back some of my natural colored hair to let it show), but don’t be surprised when you see a peek of blue green sneaking out in my pictures!
  I have a couple of projects in mind for the next few weeks, but I want to know, what do you guys want to see?  Leave me a comment or shoot me an email, I’ve missed you!

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