How to Fix a Bra with an Underwire that Pokes You

  I hate having to buy new clothes.  Since I make plenty of my own I always have a hard time not feeling ripped off, but some things I just don’t have the time, supplies or experience to do myself.  That means that if I can fix one of those items rather than getting a new one, I will.
  Bras are high on this list.  Maybe some day I’ll get around to making my own, but I haven’t the faintest clue where to find underwires or most of the notions one needs to make a bra (other than ordering them in bulk off the web) so for now I have to resign myself to store bought.  That means that when I have a fairly new bra and all the sudden the underwire starts stabbing through and poking me, I kind of want to scream.  Luckily, it’s an easy fix.
  Start by finding a small piece of fabric to repair your bra with.  Depending on where the underwire pokes through your fabric may not need to match if you don’t want it to.  For this bra, the wire was sticking directly out of the top so the fabric would be on both the back and front of it and needed to match.
  Make certain that the fabric you select is densely woven so the wire doesn’t immediately pop right back through.  I’ve found that selvages are a perfect material for this since, as well as being extremely tightly woven, they already have a finished edge.  The selvage is the portion of your fabric that typically has dye numbers and fabric information on it like this:
  When you’ve picked your fabric, cut a small strip of it.  Usually around 1″x .75″ is plenty.  You will want to be able to fold under any unfinished edges to keep things clean and from unraveling, but basically we’re just making a patch over the hole where the wire came through.
  Push the underwire back inside of the bra as much as possible and use a hand needle to stitch your patch tightly over the hole, tucking unfinished edges under as you go.  For this patch I moved a little off of the edge into the cup itself, but try to keep everything on the edge as much as possible to avoid changing the fit.
  Once your patch is sewn on, your bra is repaired and ready to wear again.  No more painful stabbing, hooray!
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One comment

  1. I have discovered an awesome way to fix my bras when the underwire pokes through. You just need a small piece of very dense fabrics (I use grosgrain ribbon quite often) & a nice long piece of dental floss. Yup, that stuff does not rip or tear! Basically sew back & forth in a weaving pattern & you’re good to go for many more wearing of your favourite old bra.
    PS – Works well with buttons too.

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