Fall Infinity Scarf

  I don’t know what it is about changing leaves, kids heading back to school and the weather cooling off that makes me yearn for plaid, but it never fails.  Every year my inner lumberjack looks at my closet and goes “YECH.”.  Thing is, I’m not about to go out and buy (or make) a bunch of red plaid (cuz it HAS to be red) pieces to hang in my closet, unworn for 80% of the year…I only really want them for a few weeks!
  Luckily, accessories don’t take up much room, can be worn with anything…and this one only takes a yard of fabric to make.
  To make your own infinity scarf, all you need is that yard of fabric, some scissors and a way to sew a couple of straight lines.
  Start by cutting your fabric in half (NOT the way it was folded in half on the bolt) so you have two long strips.  Most fabric is around 44″ wide, so you should wind up with two strips 44″ long by 18″ wide.  Sew the two strips together (right sides together) to make one really LONG strip and iron the seam.  At this point I suggest wrapping your scarf around your neck and playing with safety pinning it at different lengths to find a length that is flattering for you.  For me, I needed to cut off about 8″ to make my strip 80″ long.
  Once you’ve determined the right length, sew the ends of your strip together.  Next, turn your right sides together and stitch along MOST of your outside edge to make a tube out of your fabric.  Leave a small opening to turn your scarf right side out.  When it is turned to the right side (pulled through the hole you left) use a hand needle to stitch it shut, or if you have a patchworked fabric like mine, or generally don’t care about a small, funky-looking seam, pinch the hole shut and stitch over the edges with a machine.
  A yard of fabric, 15 minutes or so of work and my inner lumberjack is happy.  If only all my wardrobe whims were so easy to deal with!

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