McCall’s M6408, Tie-less version in progress

  Guess what I’m making another one of…. oh yes, it’s another wrap.
  I don’t actually need another one (and ohholylord is that not MY color), but my mom went shopping recently and came home with a sweater.  A sweater that was exorbitantly expensive and rather familiar looking.  She liked it, but wasn’t sure she would wear it quite enough to justify the outlandish price tag, so she’d brought it over for my opinion.
  My opinion was: “Take it back.  Take it back NOW.  I already have the pattern AND the fabric to make you almost the exact same thing.”
  I’ve mentioned before that this pattern is a super fast sew.  I would have this piece done by now, but I had noticed that the piece my ma had bought was a bit shorter than this, and I’ve noticed that the pattern for the sleeves on this tends to be a touch short on some people, so I wanted her to try it on before I hemmed anything on it.  I need to bring the hem up the recommended 1″ and will hem the sleeves 1.25″ (I lengthened them when cutting) and will attach the shawl collar and it’ll be ready to go.
  This actually works out perfectly.  I bought this fabric years ago, knowing I’d use it for my mom (that pink is fabulous for her) and haven’t ever had a project that seemed quite right.  This will be a nice, versatile piece for her and I love that I’m able to make her something that otherwise she’d have had to spend stupid amounts of money on.  
  I’ll show you the finished product next week!

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