McCall’s M6408, Tie-less version Completed

  The wrap for my mom is done…if not fully pressed.  Bad sewing blogger, no cookie…iron your work.
  As usual, this pattern has made me happy.  The boys have been keeping me on my toes…R started crawling last week and as such G is melting down every 15 minutes or so because his toys are no longer safe just because they’re out of arm’s reach.  That means far more time refereeing and less time sewing than usual.  Thankfully this is a quick piece to throw together.
  I mentioned last week that I’ve found the sleeves on the pattern to be a bit short.  I extended these when cutting and then checked my mom’s arm length before finishing them.  I’ve found that hand stitching the sleeve cuffs gives a much more elegant look to this, and especially with this being such a lightweight fabric, I didn’t want a big honkin line of machine stitching around the wrist.
  I did worry a little bit about how this was going to fall since it’s such a light fabric, but a nice, deep, 1″ hem weights it down enough to work.
  I still kind of want to try this pattern in a woven, just to see how it’d work.  I think it could make a darling robe if it were lengthened a bit and I think it has enough ease that it’d work just fine.  We’ll see if I ever get around to it…
  I’m guessing that after 3 incarnations you guys probably don’t have any questions about this, but if you do, let me know!

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