Flannel Lined "Zoom" Pants

    Look out everybody!  There’s a dinosaur in pants in my back yard!
  G needed some new pants.  Over the summer he shot up at least 2″ (I know this for a fact because when he pulled on his Owl Pants the other day I needed to let the hems down that far) and so none of his pants from last winter fit him anymore.
  We were at the fabric store picking up some material for a project I’m planning on making for myself soon, and G spotted this vehicle fabric.  Being the motor-obsessed guy he is, he had to have it, so I grabbed a yard and told him I’d make him some pants out of it.  Thing is, this is a quilting cotton…and it’s getting cold.  I wasn’t about to make him a brand new pair of pants he wasn’t ever going to wear cuz his knees got too cold in them!  
  So, rather than stashing this fabric away til spring, I dove into our drawer of baby blankets.  We have lots and lots of swaddling blankets and R is past the age where we can use them to, you know, swaddle him.  My “sentiment bone” is broken, so rather than holding onto those precious little blankets, I took my scissors to them.  …don’t worry folks, I still have more baby blankets than I can shake a stick at.
  I cut my pattern pieces out of the cotton and out of a matching set of flannel swaddling blankets (tan with white polka dots for those who are curious) and serged them together so the two fabrics would function as one, thick fabric.  I stitched in my pockets (we all know G has to have pockets in his pants) and finished off the waistband and hem.  Because he’s been growing so much lately, I made sure that hem was extra deep…there’s a good extra 4″ in there.
  They turned out wonderfully.  G says he loves the lining…that it makes them “cozy”.  Have to say, now I kind of want flannel lined pants too!

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