I’ll See You Without Papers, Kid.

  I feel like I’ve been talking about (and attempting to) minimizing my stuff for years now.  I’m doing my best to be certain we’re going about it in a logical, sustainable way, rather than raining down fire and burning out on bursts of speed, so it’s a looooong process, but I feel like we’re finally getting to a point where the progress is noticeable.
  One of our biggest struggles was paperwork.  Between the mail, the preschool schedules, the preschool art, the bills and the instruction manuals we always had piles of paper everywhere.  We’ve done our best to get everything we can switched to online billing and communications, but some companies just can’t/won’t do it that way.
  It was time to try something different.
  The Mr. and I had a scanner.  It’s attached to our printer, and we technically could have done all this without any new technology, but, we were realistic with ourselves and realized that since that scanner takes forever to warm up and only does one side of one sheet of paper at a time, it wasn’t going to cut it.  We invested in a ScanSnap S1300i, which is teenie tiny on the desk top, but scans both sides of the paper simultaneously and can handle several pages at a time.
  The mail comes in, I immediately recycle the junk, bring the important things to the office, scan it all and email anything for my husband to him.  Then I shred everything and never have to think about it again.  If I need it it’s in nicely organized files on my computer, not buried under G’s crayon creations or being chewed on by the baby.
  We’ve been using this method for two months now and it’s amazing what a difference it has made.  No more piles of “to deal with later”, no more panic over misplaced bills, no more paper.  It’s wonderful how much easier it is to keep things in order without just that one category of thing floating around.  If you’re considering going paperless, I’d definitely recommend it.  I couldn’t be happier!

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